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Getting support & advice


There are a number of people who are available to help you and your baby. When your baby is discharged from the hospital a group of health professionals will continue to advise you on issues like feeding, growth, immunisations, development and general baby care.

Family & Friends

Extended family and friends can be a major source of support in helping you with your premature baby when they come home. However those close to you often want to help, but don’t know what you need. It can be hard for your family to know when to give advice or just listen so encourage family and friends to read this website to help them understand some of the things you might be going through.

Tiny Life - Life at Home - Getting Support & Advice

Other family support organisations

There are a number of family support organisations available to families of premature babies, each of them have a different role so it’s worth making contact with each of them to find out what services they can offer you in your area. Click below for a list of organisations that may be of use.