Parents’ stories

Nigel and Hazel’s story

Nigel and Hazel’s baby girl Georgie was born 8 weeks premature at 32 weeks following an emergency caesarean section. In this video they talk about how their family adapted to life at home following 51/2 weeks in hospital and they’re experiences getting breastfeeding established.

Orla & Gary’s story

Baby Lily was born 16 weeks premature at 24 weeks old following complications in Orla’s pregnancy. After coming to terms with becoming parent’s earlier than expected Gary and Orla talk about Lily’s progress from the Intensive Care Unit to the High Dependency Unit and how they’ve coped. The family look ahead to taking Lily home and discuss the challenges that lie ahead of them.

Ashleigh’s story

Ashleigh’s twin boys Dylan and Ethan were born 9 weeks premature at 31 weeks following an emergency caesarean section. In this video Ashleigh shares her experiences of adapting to their unexpected early arrival and suffering with post-natal depression. Including how she received her diagnosis and managed to get through it with support.

Michelle’s story

Michelle’s twin boys Oisin and Conleth were born 13 weeks early. Conleth was able to go home after 10 weeks in hospital and Oisin after 12 weeks following a range of medical issues. Michelle shares with us how it felt to be taking one of the boys home before the other and how the family have adapted to life at home.

Barbara-Anne and Lyle’s story

Triplets Charly, Freddy and Lexy were born 8 weeks early at 32 weeks old. Following a 4 week stay in hospital Barbara-Anne and Lyle were delighted to get them all home in time for Christmas. In this video Barbara-Anne and Lyle share their own experiences of taking the 3 tiny babies home and how they have approached the challenges of being parents to triplets.